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When you think about renovating your bathroom, there is a vast range of products available from which to choose. The bathroom is often considered to be the smallest room in your house because it is typically only placed next to your kitchen. This does not mean that there is little space, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side; in fact, most bathrooms consist of a shower, toilet, and sink area.

When you consider the amount of room you have available, it is important to consider the space you need to fully navigate through to get to a full bathroom. This is where the bathtub becomes a deciding factor. If you do not have the space to house a bathtub, or if you are limited in bathroom space, a free-standing bathtub becomes the perfect addition to your bathroom. This is a great alternative to the standard bathtubs that overpower bathrooms with their size. Just add a few decorative colors to give your bathroom some flair and you will be ready to move into your new bathroom!

Incremental – 40% are budget. Add 10% for the unexpected expenses. This can greatly increase with the choices you make through online shopping, especially (their new “Falling from the Washtub” line) and (they have other specialty products as well!). If you are renovating a small area that you are not currently using, you can eliminate this additional cost from your budget.

The Cheap – A common practice of many homeowners is to create a budget for the room. A bathroom renovation budget is similar to running in the water. No one wants to spend a fortune when they have the opportunity to pay less. If you don’t have a budget, start looking at renovations under $1000. This amount small investment can buy you an amazing “new” bathroom! “Machines like partners usually only last 2 to 3 years, and that is if you add just a couple of items per year. If you wait too long to replace a fixture or appliance, the cost can triple in as short as a year. To keep your costs down, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting to replace a door, new tile, a cabinet, or countertop? Have you been waiting long enough for a new appliance? Listen, I know we all think it will be a long time before there are finishes out there that would impress us. But technology never stating it is about time is not necessarily wrong. Just look at car motors. When they first came out, they sucked. Now they are good-looking, even though they have been out long before they were coming out. The same can be said for bathroom products. Have they been out long enough for you to replace the bottom of your toilet or repair the shower door, or paint the wall the color of your liking? I don’t like to make snap judgments on whether it is long enough or not, but the extra dollars spent now can be cheaper later.

If you really have limited cash flow, save up until you have the money needed. Your Better Homes and Gardens bathroom or bathroom accessories will help you keep your bathroom up to date. But when you need them, wait to do the other purchases. It will be the best dollar you can save with your purchases.

Have you been waiting long enough to replace that toilet? You probably have a toilet that is on the waste system. You ever heard of a plumber who used his front tooth w a Pool table card to call a plumber to come back and fix the toilet. Do you have a spare toilet? And how long has it been since you put a bathroom in your house? When you remodel a bathroom you typically add 10. – 15. Add 5% to that for every month that passes. For example, if you remodel a bathroom in December, you will spend $1,600 and wait until Spring to use the bathroom. Now you have spent $9,150 and have not had to spend the money on that toilet yet! Your investment will earn back that money and then some…

A dimmer switch. This one is an extreme “must-have”, but worth the amount of money spent on it. A dimmer switch is just that, it is a switch that you can control how much light you want to deliver. Most people set their living room table lamp to very bright or very dim light for the sake of having a setting that is “decorable”. Unfortunately, once you get it situated like that, it is hard to change.