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There are various options available when it comes to applying coating for your floor. You can check useful websites to guide you when choosing the right coating or simply read the article below.


Assessing the Surface of the Floor

Check the floor and make sure that it is structurally in a good state of repair. The floor must be free of debris, cracks and holes. If there are any signs of distress, treat them immediately with a good quality leveling material before adding your coating. When your floor is in good condition, it is now ready to be coated.



Determining the Performance & Condition

Before deciding which coating will be the most suitable for your floor, determine first what type of conditions that the floor coating will need to perform.

Impact – The impact a floor receives will help determine what type of coating you must use. If your floor copes up with heavy loads, you may need to have a more durable flooring with a thick floor system.

Chemical Exposure – There may be chances that your flooring will be exposed to chemicals and consider what types of chemicals are there when choosing a coating. If there are odd splash and spills, then it is less severe than constant submersion. Choose a coating which is going to be able to deal with chemicals that you work with.

Thermal Shock – If the flooring will be exposed to extreme temperature, this will surely affect the type what you choose as flooring. Using things such as a steam cleaner can damage the flooring, causing it to loss bond when you pick the wrong floor system.

Abrasion – The amount of traffic on the floor should also be considered. If you have heavy machinery moving on the surface, then you will need a more robust covering compared if the floor is only receiving foot traffic.



Other Considerations

There are also other considerations that you will need to take into account such as the flooring cost, expected floor lifespan, as well as the aesthetic value. One way to ensure that you apply the correct coating is to seek the advice of a professional company that applies these coatings on a daily basis. If you can answer a few questions, they will be able to direct you to the best type of floor coating for your floor.

Shop around and speak to various companies and you will be able to get a high-quality coating for your floor, that is not going to deteriorate within months of use.