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With the homeowner looking for the top of the line, stainless steel ventless fireplace, I was looking for designs the other day for a test fire to see what options were available. I know the fireplace industry has a talent for coming up with design concepts that with one look, I could just about give you an idea of what they are able to do.

I decided to do what I’ve always done and could quite possibly get my hands on a contractor and let him use his expertise to design a unit that met my needs.

First came up were the ventless types. There were several different designs in this category. There have always been several different designs out there but they just call it what they call it.

I do not plan on having to maintain a chimney or an outside vent, by blocking these types of openings with a brick or stone surround, you are likely to create more fire hazards than what you started with. The ventless water heater and cold air return units can recirculate the air in the room and help to cool it down but you have to make sure that the airflow in these rooms is consistent fashion.

If the airflow is not constant then you are inviting a potential safety factor that could lead to a possible carbon monoxide situation. Insulation around these types of units can be quite substantial and choosing a fireplace design that has vents through the wall or roof can be a road sore.

I was looking for a wide selection to look at. After a while, I knew what I was able to get my hands on, an ad for an outdoor ventless fireplace.

I called the local supply house and asked for some questions about copper tubing. I was surprised how many people scarp copper onto their copper fireplace.

The “refrigerator grills” were what he was referring to. I thought he was joking when I asked him about refrigerators and a fireplace in the same line of thought.

I assured him that he was joking and he was very serious about this.

I was delighted to find that I could not only place copper tubing around a ventless fireplace stainless steel but also I was able to have a natural piece of stone-built directly into the wall where the fireplace would be built.

Why isn’t there a copper tubular chimney yet in these built by the manufacturers? It is so simple to install a copper ventless water heater.

Manufacturers of ventless water heaters such as Cadet, Westinghouse, minimus, and Perfectfire will have you swimming in the type of designs they have to offer. You can find options anywhere from a stone or brick outdoor commercial fireplace to a copper ventless water heater.

Why isn’t there a copper tubular chimney yet in these built by the manufacturers? It is so simple to install a copper ventless water heater.

Many experts in this industry are trying to figure out ways to build these units so they are easier to install and still do not compromise the integrity of the structure due to their size. It hasn’t been perfected yet.

What I found is that if you are building a copper ventless fireplace and you know you are going to be venting the smoke from your stove throughout the structure then why wouldn’t you just do the ventless water heater that comes as a complete unit so you can save on the cost of using ductwork to build the chimney. I have to say that I was surprised to learn that most materials in the construction industry still are not able to handle the amount of heat they need to heat and tape the copper tubing in the couplers to the rest of the structure to shed the smoke out the window.